Matuca 1849

Summer Doins' & Dedication 6027/2022

NGH Rick “BART” Adams has proclaimed that Clampers in good standing will be invited to Matuca's summer Doins in Sonora CA

We will be dedicating Leanna Charity Donner App at 9:18 and 49 seconds on Saturday morning in Jamestown. This is an overnighter, and all Grand Council rules apply.

Rub for prepay redshirts is $50 & $65 day-of. PBC’S are $80 and retreads $125 regardless of when they register. Red Cards and ID’S will be checked. Pre Reg will shut down March 21st.

Saturday lunch followed by steak dinner with all the fixins Saturday night and breakfast to all those wanting it Sunday morning will be served by Matuca's award winning cook crew


Big and little slippery will be open and prepared to show your wristband or get drug off to the gallows by Matuca's beertender

Only clean, sober, and odorless PBC’S will be accepted and must be turned in by 11:00 AM to the Hangman. Steak dinner with all the fixins will be served and big and little slippery will be open. All gold dust can be paid online at or send it by snail to P.O. Box 1844 Columbia, CA 95310.

Camping is free inside livestock area. There are no hook ups for trailers. it is first come first serve. Camping outside that area you will have to pay the fairgrounds camping fees.

Questions? Call the NGH at (209) 742-8767, VNGH John Hatfield (209) 591-7766 and GNR Elbert James (209) 601-2303.

Doins' Site Sonora Fairgrounds

220 Southgate Dr, Sonora, CA 95370

Dedication Site Jamestown Cemetery

Cemetery Rd, Jamestown, CA 95327

PS - Matuca won the bean feed