Matuca 1849 has erected over 160 historical monuments and plaques since it's founding over 70 years ago, below is mostly accurate (just kidding that's all of em') map of everything the chapter has dedicated.

If you have additions, found a lost plaque, found an error or think you have something that deserves a dedication please email or call the Humbug listed on the importins' page.

To see more details on these plaques, please visit the Historical Marker Database using the link below:

Plaques that are not on the map for one reason or another:

Moffat' s Mint (Mt. Ophir) - Dedicated 6/19/1936 - Humbug Unknown - Location unknown but probably near the Mt. Ophir Mine plaque in Mariposa. Amatuca did not become an official chapter until 1948 however we know there was activity in the territory by those who would eventually become the chapters founders/members.

Volcano - Dedicated 5/26/1951 - NGH Arthur Campbell - Located in Amador County, Amatuca's first official dedication. Was probably located in Volcano.

Mariposa Battalion Memorial 1852 - Dedicated 11/4/1962 - This was supposedly removed by Yosemite National park. The humbug listed is James Savage Chapter. No Matuca Humbug officially mentioned but it was probably Bill Russel

Pioneer Barber Shop - Dedicated 5/25/1963 - NGH Larry LaVagnino - Was located in Columbia State Park, removed by the park and not presumably in storage.

Are you visiting Sonora for Grand Council?

The map below is for you, this map details the watering holes and plaques within 20 minutes of downtown Sonora.