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XNGH Memorial & Red Shirt Protest

posted Feb 25, 2021, 8:14 AM by ECV Matuca   [ updated Mar 11, 2021, 9:09 AM ]
Gentlemen! Shortly many of you will be getting a flyer for the Matuca spring “event”. I’m going to explain why we had to do a few changes to our Doins.
First off, this one’s going to be a Bring Your Own Beverage event. The State is not issuing ANY one day likker licenses, so for us to be able to have a gathering, you’ll need to bring your own. We have lowered the rub to compensate. This does beat the hell out of sitting at home…
Second, you’ll notice that I’m not calling it a doins. That’s right, there isn’t going to be an initiation or a dedication. Right now, ANY insurance company isn’t covering anything to do with COVID, and the only way we can have a gathering is to call it a protest. So, that’s what we are doing. This is the first (hopefully never again) Red Shirt Lives Matter Protest and memorial gathering. Our normal initiation involves a lot of close quarters, and I’m not going to risk the Bondshu’s land.
Yep, overnighter! One thing, if you are feeling a bit rough around the edges and have the sniffles, DON'T SHOW UP! And, The state does recommend masks and social distancing, so no swapping spit!
So, come on out to May Rock on April 3rd, and we are going to celebrate the lives of our 3 XNGH’s who have gone on to the Golden Hills this Clamp year.
John Vienop NGH
This is an overnighter!

All clamp no-nos apply, GC rules.

Grub will be new york steaks, sauteed mushrooms, salad, bread and the award winning Matuca Beans


Call one of these hoity-toity important people for more info: 
NGH - John Vienop - (209) 768-8880
1st VNGH - Bart Adams - (209) 742-8767
Recorder - John Hatfield - (209) 591-7766

Day of

May Rock Hwy 49, Mariposa CA 95338

6791 CA-49