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A note from the new Bug

posted Oct 12, 2020, 8:11 AM by ECV Matuca   [ updated Oct 12, 2020, 8:12 AM ]

The Staff of Relief has been passed on as of yesterday, and I’ll be posting notifications about Events and Happenings both on our website and our Facebook page.  It’s one of my goals to make sure everyone is informed and no Brother gets left behind.

First off, the organizers of the Christmas Parade are facing some challenges   The largest is the fact that the State is not allowing them to close Hwy 49 for the parade.  I’m waiting to hear if they find some other way of making the parade happen, as soon as I know anything, I’ll post it.  I’d love to have a huge turnout.  If anyone hears anything, let me know.

Second, and this is a tough one.  The Widder’s ball has been postponed until December 2021.  Bart and I will split the duties for it, once it comes.  We are still hoping that the Sweethearts ball will proceed, it depends on the ability to get a building, Likker license, and Insurance.

Now the good news.  Our Illustrious Webmaster has been doing Plaque cleanups and has another one scheduled for this coming Sunday the 18th of October.  Meet at Inspiration Point, 10 am, come give Brian a hand.  We will then proceed into Columbia for more plaque maintenance and then cook some burgers/dogs at the Native Son’s hall.   One thing, this is not an “officially sanctioned” Matuca Chapter ECV event, so supply your own beverages.

JV  NGH 66